Every donation whether big or small helps a child! If you would like to help a sick child have the time of their life by giving them a Ferrari Kid experience.

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I was seven years old when the Doctors first cut me open; little did I know I would have surgery every year of my life, sometimes twice the same year. After 48 operations, ...

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Each Ferrari kid experience is designed to give children with life threatening illnesses a chance to forget about their every day life and become a “celebrity” for a day… 

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Welcome to the Ferrari Kid Website. 

My name is Manny Diotte, cancer survivor, speaker, author, coach and part-time kid.

Speaking of kids, please take your time and look at our Celebrity kids. These kids are coping with cancer, dealing with illness, going thru chemotherapy, radiation, and so much more. BUT, you couldn’t tell with the smiles on their faces. That’s because we pick them up in a Ferrari and make them a celebrity for a day. Thanks to generous people like you that believe in giving and philanthropy. AND, our sponsors like State Farm Insurance, Main Event, Elyon Media, Joe’s Crab Shack, Canves Memoirs, Westin, and so many more!

Take your time on our site, we welcome you to read our blog, scroll down our pictures, watch our videos, and of course give. We would love to be part of your charitable giving.

Meanwhile, remember Cancer it beatable, treatable, and survivable. - Manny
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Natalie Coleman and her boys has truly become a part of the Ferrari Kid. Here is a short clip from a loving mother, a great woman and 2 amazing boys.